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eisuverse replied to your post: I’ve had a bad day

Hope everything gets better for you.

Thank you <3

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rahxy replied to your post: I’ve had a bad day

HNNNNNNNNNNNG. I’ve seen many friends bras this week, and I’ve come to the conclusion that all of my friends have great boobs, beautiful skin, and beautiful face. I CAN’T TELL IF I’M LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE GORGEOUS FRIENDS OR CURSED.


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americanninjax replied to your post: I’ve had a bad day

A) you look gorgeous B) is that a full body zip up hoodie or is that just the angle?

A) Thank you YOU ARE SO KIND

B) Its just the angle :D It has a peplum bottom like so:

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rondickles replied to your post: I’ve had a bad day

I’m in lesbians with you and your rad hoodie

Haha <3 This is one of my favorite hoodies because:

-It has gold on the inside of the hood

-I got it for 18$ on sale at Love culture

-I got TWO because it was buy one get one free and I gave the other to one of my besties

-It has a ruffly peplum buttom that is so cute I could die

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I&#8217;ve had a bad day
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Really old acrylic painting of mine. Done on Bristol. Touched it up some. #art #drawing #acrylic #painting #traditionalart
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If you&#8217;re my friend chances are I&#8217;ll eventually propose to you . I can&#8217;t beleeb we&#8217;ve know each other for over 10 years. I hope we can actually hang out in person some day. &lt;3 LUB YOU BFF @1antler
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#regram from @misskika of her Moonlight Legend print (at sporting Miss Alphabet sunnies (pssst… more of those on the way)! #missalphabet #misskika #sunnies #sunglasses #summer #barbie #sailormoon #moonlightlegend #fairykei #popkei
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I NEED to go outside today because I’m feeling like shit but its 100 degrees and I’ll die

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For my friends: (Laura you have an owl on your butt but you can’t see and you’re probably reading harry potter. ;D I always imagine you as a pegasus flying through the sky and spreading rainbows across it.

Zambi ilu~~~

love u tooooo c:
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Doing one for chibiusa too~ #drawing #art #fashion #sailormoon #blacklady
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