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Collab between and myself ;3; Ai is my #1 anime gf. Shes the cutest and most loveable character and I’m so happy when people love her too!!! I had so much fun inking and coloring this :D
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so I did a collab with my senpai zambicandy of Ai-chan ♡  because we both love her wow so much~
Zambi was a huge influence on my art, especially around 2006-2009ish, so inking her shapes felt so comfortable and natural and easy and every moment of working on this was a delight and honooorrr ;u;  I hope she can make my boring sketch look nice ;;;;;
Ai’s hair is a dark ashy color in the OVA but the most consistent color used in the manga artwork is a pale blonde, so I went with an ashy blonde since both are good and it worked good with the palette and also coz I have artistic license :p  used a very 80s pattern for her shirt because omg the fashion in VGAi is a gift.
( x ♪♫ ) 

OMG I LOVE ITTT ;3; the lines look so soft and I really like the textures and the pattern you chose for the shirt!!! I also really love the blushies and her lip color! *_* Thank you so much for doing this with me!! Gunna post my half soon!!! <333333333!!!!!!
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No unicorn was ever born who could regret
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all my babies together for the first time in almost five years! 💕 still need to rework some things here and there but they’re all hooommmme! ⭐️✨

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Magic Knight Rayearth is on Hulu!!!! *0*
All 49 episodes | Subbed or Dubbed (Both are excellent!)
Watch here!
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Logo I did for @missalphabet :) #art #drawing #digitalart #mangastudio #chibi
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