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6 hours ago

I walked passed road construction for about 5 minutes yesterday and my throat,ears and eyes feel so fucking awful today. I sound like I have a frog in my throat and my eyes are crusty and my ears feel sore. :[

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i don’t think i ever posted this, the final poster for my student film! it feels good to be done.
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Made this pattern so I could make a couple of simple skirts for Fanime :3 Also uploaded it to my Society6 page! Free worldwide shipping (not sure when that ends) <3 #alpaca #society6 #zambicandy #art #digital
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Done.*_* Tria & Copic markers + Sharpie poster paint (the BG) and Neon Sharpies for the hair. Just need to find a frame! I hope a lot of people can go to the @mooncrisis2014 show in July! More info can be found on #Sailormoon #unicorn #pegasus #mooncrisis2014
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Fixed this up so I can have prints for Fanime :)
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Customary convention setup shot! Find me @ AA table #303 all weekend~